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QuestionIs it possible you can show some interracial with a black man and another race too? Answer

It’s on here in rare doses. But as I said before, the focus of this blog is women of color, specifically black women. There are other blogs out there with other images.

thenycest said:

Bra-fucking-vo on “The Pact” that was easily the best thing I’ve read on this site! It had me empathizing with the characters and putting myself in their position. I wanted to jump ahead so much, and could never tell for sure what was going to happen! Two thumbs up!

m4vr1k said

Spent most of early this morning reading the pact. So many different emotions ran through me . I was mad at Alan a lot although he somewhat seemed like me as I never really let things go.

What made me truly happy was when they got to see each other again..if it was a movie I’d be crying. I thoroughly enjoy your stories and I hope you never stop doing what you’re doing . To me your stories are better than 50 shades and are great enough to be in print .Sorry for the long ass message but it needed to be said

When I found this I was like ‘yes PoC porn that I don’t have to search for then I read the pact and now like wow this is my new favorite thing on tumblr